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Our Story

The average modern diet is full of processed foods, leading to an increased occurrence of digestive gut issues. 

On our journey to seek out traditional solutions to these issues we found kefir. Originated in the Causasus Mountains over 2000 years ago, it is a truly tried and tested solution. 

We design, manufacture, test and distribute freshly made probiotic health foods, fresh and daily from our Sydney factory. We maintain a proud adherence to our artisanal production methods and amazing tasting flavours. 

Our products are known for their potency and authenticity, which we achieve through our dedication to traditional methods fused with modern innovation.

Our products include a range of Kefir's, including an Organic Certified range.


We are Australia's oldest, most skilled Kefir manufacturer in traditional fermentation methods, established over 12 years ago. We have a long history of providing Australians with authentic, high-quality probiotics for good gut health and general well being. 

Our formulations optimise digestive benefits, with billions of live and active CFU cultures per cup, which provides a greater chance for good bacteria to survive and colonise in the intestinal tract and digestive system. 


Health is at the centre of everything we do. Our products are all natural, great tasting, gluten free, very low lactose (suitable for lactose intolerant), with no added sugars, preservatives or colourants. 

Our products are packed with ABC probiotics and a multitude of proteins, minerals and vitamins, plus enriched with prebiotic inulin fibers for increased gut effectiveness. 

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